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Increased light levels improves the workplace


Maintenance savings – LED last much longer

Air conditioning savings due to heat reduction

Reduce electrical load with lower wattages


Root3 is one of the leading LED lighting technology suppliers in the UK. At Root3, we are committed to delivering effective energy reduction solutions and it is for this purpose that we have focused our strengths towards fulfilling the LED lighting requirements of the business sector. With an impressive track record to back our claim of delivering excellence at all times, presently Root3 is one of the most acclaimed suppliers offering assistance for LED lighting in commercial and industrial settings.

We acknowledge that LED lighting has turned out to be one of the most effective means to reduce energy consumption on commercial and industrial sites. It works to benefit a business in more than one way, as elaborated below:

Energy Efficiency

As we have already mentioned about the superiority of LED lighting in terms of energy conservation, LED bulbs are constructed to be 80% – 90% energy efficient. Therefore, the worst case scenario would be that 80% of the energy is converted to light while only 20% is wasted, this results in a highly efficient light fitting. In the case of conventional lighting solutions, the reverse is true. This means that traditional bulbs waste 80% of energy while 20% is converted to light. The eventual result is increased expenditure on electricity as compared to when using LED lighting.

In public settings, the long operational life of LED lights also contributes towards increasing the energy efficiency of these appliances and ensures low maintenance costs.

Long Operational Life

LED lights have an impressively long operational life.  They are structured so that the diodes placed inside these tend to emit muted light over time. This too contributes towards the longer operational life of LED lights.


Requires Low Voltage

LED lights can also run on low voltage power supply. This makes these suitable to even be used in outdoor settings while ensuring low energy consumption. To be able to illuminate LED lights in exterior settings, these need to be connected to an external solar energy source.


No toxic material is used in the construction of LED lights, which makes them eco-friendly. Also, these can be recycled to reduce carbon footprint up to three times.

Higher Application Efficiency

LED bulbs are self-sufficient for directing light to a specified location and do not require the use of a reflector for this purpose. This results in higher application efficiency.


LED lights are constructed to withstand rough external conditions as well as extreme temperatures. Their ability to resist shocks, extreme weather conditions and vibrations make these ideal to be used in commercial and industrial settings.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, LED lights offer numerous others advantages such as design flexibility, etc. At Root3, our team possesses in-depth knowledge of all that concerns LED lighting and can be approached to deliver details about the benefits it brings along as well as assistance regarding its installation. Rest assured, we source out our products from reputable and leading manufacturers and can deliver LED lighting solutions to suit your requirements.

Root3 is a renowned name in the energy sector. It is one of the leading suppliers in the UK, providing LED lighting solutions to industrial, commercial and education sectors. Our team, at Root3, specialises in supplying LED lighting technology to offices, warehouses and retail stores, across the UK. Catering to businesses country-wide, Root3 is focused on meeting energy reduction demands of numerous businesses to help them cut down their overall operational costs and adhere to the UK’s energy saving commitments.

In the aftermath of increased energy prices most of the businesses in the UK are likely to suffer from the effect of amplified operational costs, as energy accounts for a major chunk of their operational budgets. Additionally, these commercial and industrial bodies are also responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, they do not only need to invest in energy conservation but are also required to implement measures for reducing greenhouse emissions through energy efficiency. Our team at Root3, in order to combat this problem, works with them as their partner and offers reliable advice as well as LED lighting solutions.

Catering to the LED lighting needs of warehouses, offices and retail stores across the UK, we commit ourselves to sourcing out and delivering premium quality LED lighting products that fit the requirements and specifications of our customers. Hence, we have adopted an all-inclusive approach for satisfying energy conservation and LED lighting demands of the industrial, commercial and education sectors. We listen to the requirements of each of our customers, provide relevant consultation and deliver solutions that best fit their business needs.

As we specialise in the area of LED lighting, we are often asked about the benefits that a business may incur after investing in LED lights. Since LED lighting may still be a new concept for many, our team tends to all the queries of our customers, providing them with an in-depth explanation of the benefits of LED lighting. Primarily, LED lights are a modern solution, which have proven to be a reliable means to ensure energy conservation. These are designed to enhance power-saving and are longer-lasting. Hence, LED lights are essentially a one-time investment. Additionally, LED lights are also eco-friendly, work to minimise UV emissions, offer operational and design flexibility and are also able to run on low voltage. To sum up, benefits of LED lighting, particularly for businesses, are numerous and many!

At Root3, we do not only supply LED lighting technology, but we make sure that the products we deliver and install meet the above stated criteria. Hence, we are engaged to ensure the betterment of our customers by providing them with long-term solutions.

Coherence to Government’s Energy Conservation Schemes

At Root3, we do not believe in operating as an isolated body. Instead, we look at the bigger picture. We have a broad perspective and aim to create a vast network to support the implementation of measures for energy efficiency across the UK. Hence, our LED lighting solutions are designed in line with various state policies and schemes, including:

  • CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme
  • Enhanced Capital Allowances
  • Climate Change Agreements
  • Green Deal
  • Electricity Demand Reduction Project
  • Salix Finance

Resultantly, our customers are able to benefit from the incentives offered by the government, as a consequence of taking prescribed energy efficiency and conservation measures.

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