Daylight harvesting saves money and energy

It’s February and the first signs of Spring are a welcome indicator that the dark Winter months are behind us. The date when we put the clocks forward is fast approaching and with this brings lighter evenings and the possibility of spending this time outdoors. There are many benefits of Daylight-Saving Time (DST) such as a reduced crime rate, fewer road traffic accidents and an increase in energy levels (exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brain’s release of serotonin). One crucial benefit is the ability to use the extended hours of natural light to lower energy use and increase savings.

For businesses, exposure to natural light helps keep staff alert for longer and creates a bright and cleaner-feeling work environment. A simple way to make the most of available natural light and make LED lighting even more efficient is to implement a daylight harvesting system. To maximise savings, light sensors can be incorporated into an LED lighting system. The sensor will monitor the natural daylight coming into a space and adjust the artificial light level accordingly. More sophisticated sensors can dim lights gradually as natural light levels increase. This technology allows for a more exact use of lighting which can vary room by room depending on the position and number of windows available; and how much natural light is available.

Benefits for businesses:

  • Minimise your energy expenditure and CO2 output.
  • Offer your building users the optimum environment – increase productivity of staff, accuracy of production and maximise profitability
  • Take control – bespoke sensor settings, time profiles and control allow your building to match your needs whatever the event, meeting or use you require it for.

As Daylight Saving Time starts, make the most of the longer days and the natural light available. For a better tomorrow, save energy today.

If you want to increase energy savings for your business and you haven’t upgraded to LED lighting, we can help you. If you already have LED lighting and want to increase your savings, daylight harvesting is an easy, low-cost solution. For further information please contact or call 01493 669574 or visit our website