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Smart Street Lighting

21st century lighting controls 

Our web based smart street lighting control systems are state of the art, web enabled full function systems ready for any application. Using a Wifi mesh are sensors inform the operators of their status offering alarm & infomation emailing facilities. Full control of individual street lights or any number of scenes via the Web & Mobile control software.

Not only is our system best in class in terms of street lighting control it is also capable of multiple non lighting related tasks, already built in & ready to go. Street light scheduling, alarm & activity reporting, people & vehicle counting, temperature sensing and much more is available. We have the technology to make your requirements a reality.

Air Quality measurement

More than 2 billion people live in cities where the air quality is below the World Health Organizations guidelines. Our platform provides an affordable solution for air quality monitoring. Reliably monitor air quality conditions in real-time.

Student protection

Our Blue Light Emergency Mobile App replaces out date of date alarm call points with a campus-wide, robust smartphone app that provides greater student access, immediate emergency location information, and comprehensive reports showing areas of possible security concern. It replaces an expensive physical station with an easy-to-use application designed to improve campus safety by letting students connect with security personnel at the touch of a button.

vehicle & People counting

Installing and connecting a CCTV camera to a street lighting post enables additional features available to our customers. Our software can be enabled to carry out a vehicle or people count ad-hoc for either temporary or permanent applications and send the data automatically to you via an email report.

road surface temperature monitoring

Highway gritting can be a very expensive operation for a local authority or indeed a private company therefore knowing if the road surface is cold enough to require gritting is paramount in controlling & minimizing budgets. Gritting roads unnecessarily is no longer an issue, our system can automatically alert you when roads are getting cold enough to cause concern & danger, enabling a gritting team to react where & when they are truly needed.

Smart street lighting system control Features

Wireless Technology: RF-Wireless and GPRS/GSM technology enables programming, monitoring and control of streetlights distributed over both large and small regions.

Monitoring: Communication and energy monitoring modules provide continuous updates per lamp to the Control Station.

Control: Remote control of streetlights enables selected individual or groups of light poles to be switched ON/OFF as needed from a web-based interface. Each streetlight can support up to ten schedules that can be configured by the user to control On, Off, and Dimming levels at specific times. The schedules can be programmed on a daily/monthly/yearly basis or can be controlled locally using a built-in astro-clock that calculates sunset and sunrise times using the lights’ GPS location and time zone data throughout the year.

Fault Monitoring and Alarm Call Service: Extensive fault monitoring is provided based on intelligent correlation of data to report light burn outs, lamp cycling, ballast or driver failure, communication failure and more. All faults are sent to the MCS that may generate alarms for visualization and fault rectification of critical issues

Burn Hours: The controller can track lamp usage hours that can be used for predictive maintenance allowing lamp replacement planning in advanc

Scalability: The system can be easily and quickly expanded to any new or remote areas

Installation: Several controller mounting options enable easy installation or retrofitting

Multiple Protocol Support: Support of multiple industry standard protocols enables easy integration with other systems and network

Web-based Monitoring and Control: Enables comprehensive display of live and historical data and remote configuration.

Integration with Google Map and Google Earth: Provides an intuitive and familiar interface for users that requires little training

Report Generation: Detailed real time reports of energy consumption by streetlight sent via email.

Comprehensive Energy Dashboards: Display “energy usage” and “energy saved” per region or system-wide over user supplied timeframes

Hosted or Onsite Monitoring Software Available: For communities that do not wish to invest in monitoring software and equipment, we can host and provide the monitoring for them.

For a truly smart street lighting system please get in touch using the contact form below.

System Overview

Street Lighting Summary

All of our clients have the benefit in either working with us on a full LED street lighting product supply

or installation project or opt for our street lighting management system if they already have LED street lighting installed.

Our management system can be controlled via a PC based set up and onsite adjustments being made on the go with our mobile phone app.

You can store all of the data at your premises or use our fully supported hosting facilities, available 24/7.

We believe that the additional energy savings potential is significant by adding our street lighting management software to your lighting infrastructure,

which can be installed retrospectively, quickly & very cost effectively.

We can install our systems permanently or we can deploy them on a temporary basis for you to resolve a particular issue that you have,

vehicle counting, additional CCTV camera, remotely turn something on or off, the options are limitless. Please get in touch & see if we can help.

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