Smart LED Lighting Solutions – What They Are And How They Benefit Homes And Businesses

Smart LED lighting solutions are increasingly playing a part in the growth of home automation and the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). But what does that mean to the technologically unaware? Well, the IoT refers to computers, machines, objects, and so on that are all interlinked, enabling data to be transferred over a network without the need for interaction between humans or humans and computers. In terms of lighting solutions, such as sports hall LED lighting for instance, it means that individual or banks of lights can be customised towards their particular use. When they come on and go off can be scheduled in advance, and that can all be controlled remotely.

LED Lighting For The 21st Century Is Increasing In Sophistication

Smart LED Lighting Solutions

One benefit of this is that security of empty buildings is improved. Lights can be programmed or controlled remotely to behave as if the building was occupied, turning on and off, increasing or reducing in brightness, changing in colour and so on. But being able to schedule lighting remotely is not the only benefit of smart LED lighting solutions. Motion sensors can be integrated to switch lights on or off when someone enters or leaves a room. Fitted light sensors calculate the amount of natural light entering a room and only adjust the LED lighting level to the brightness required. These may be small savings, but they certainly add up annually.

Find Out More Benefits Of Smart LED Lighting Solutions With Root3 Lighting Ltd

Smart LED lighting solutions can also bring health benefits to building occupants, mimicking or supplementing the natural light outdoors. This can help improve mood and even assist good sleeping patterns. And then there are the aesthetics: with smart lights, the colours of room walls can be changed or have patterns projected onto them at your whim! Whether you want smart lights to save you money, to increase staff well-being and productivity or as a fun feature, Root3 Lighting Ltd has the answers. Read more on our website at or call us on 01493 669574 to discuss the potential for smart lighting in your building.