Circle Housing approached Root3 Lighting to investigate and advise them on their options for replacing the existing lighting at one of their care homes in Norwich. The existing lighting within the care home was originally fitted over 15 years ago and as such they were experiencing high failure rates. The overall light level was lower than it had been due the fluorescent fittings coming to the end of their life.

LED was specified by the client due to the large energy savings that would be gained. The existing fittings contained 2 X 55w PLL lamps, therefore with the energy consumption of the control gear the total consumption from each fitting was 126 watts. The communal areas had well over 100 fittings so the solution had to fit the application in terms of the colour of the light, low energy consumption, amount of light produced and the aesthetic look of the product. It had to be warm and inviting to ensure the residents felt comfortable in their living areas. In addition to this, the lighting upgrade needed to offer a return on investment in terms of initial cost versus a realistic payback period.

Root3 offered its 25w surface mounted LED downlight in 2,700k to give a warm lighting effect. The fitting is of a similar shape and look to the existing fitting. The energy savings gained was a massive 80% reduction as a result of the LED lighting upgrade. Therefore, Circle Housing will see a return on their investment in a relatively short period of time.