We are pleased to have been recognised for our contribution to UK businesses in providing low energy lighting solutions and are down to the final 3 for the Spirit of Enterprise awards under the category of “Great Environmental and Sustainable Practice Award”.

This award nomination reflects the fantastic job we are doing in saving UK businesses money and reducing the carbon footprint many companies are producing. Root3 are actively contacting local and national businesses offering demonstrations of how they can reduce their energy consumption and their carbon footprint and consequently working with these companies to carry out LED lighting upgrades.

We are reaching out to commercial, industrial, retail sectors and many others on a daily basis and have produced reports indicating where businesses can significantly reduce both their costs and carbon emissions output. If implemented, our total recommendations would result in a carbon reduction for UK businesses of approximately 2 million tonnes of CO2. We have successfully worked with many companies and have been able to reduce their carbon emission outputs substantially by replacing their existing lighting systems within their business properties with low energy alternatives.

Our typical savings range from 50% to 95% in energy reductions depending on the customer. Our unique approach is to offer the best energy savings for the lowest initial capital outlay making the upgrade not only viable and a great “green” contribution but also a great business case to reduce overheads and increase profits. We are conscious of our own CO2 emissions generation which we minimise as best we can. Where possible we only purchase our products from UK manufacturers therefore reducing our CO2 footprint in terms of reduce shipping and transportation pollution as opposed to importing from China.