Replacing fluorescent tubes with LED alternatives is a great way to save energy and money as the replacement process allows for quick installation, low disruption to staff, and no impact to a property’s decoration. This easy upgrade can result in cost savings of up to 60%.

There are a few options available in terms of cost and application. The entire fitting can be replaced with a purpose-built LED fitting complete with LED tubes pre-fitted, alternatively the existing fitting can be retained and the LED tubes simply retro-fitted into the fitting.

All fluorescent tubes require purpose made control gear to be fitted within the light fitting to ensure the correct level of voltage and current are applied thus enabling the internal gas to ignite and produce a light source. One of the advantages of LED tubes are that they are electronic and only require mains voltage to power the LED chips within the tube. When retro fitting LED tubes into existing fluorescent fittings, one must disconnect the power to the fitting, remove the wiring to the control equipment inside the fitting and wiring from the mains incoming terminal to the lamp holders of the fitting directly.

Always use a competent, suitably qualified person to carry out the work. All the LED tubes sold at  are powered at one end only. This means mains 230vAC power is only wired to one end of the fitting and the other end has no wiring. This means that the positive/negative end of the tube must be inserted into the powered end of the existing fitting only and if the “dead” end of the tube is inadvertently fitted to the live end nothing will happen and no damage of the tube will occur as in some manufacturers tubes. If you insert one of the tubes into an existing fitting that has been converted correctly for LED tubes and nothing happens, simply turn the LED tube around and the tube will work.