PLL lamps or 2G11 lamps as they are also known are a type of lamp that is very common in the UK. The 2G11 base has 4 pins that are configured in a straight flat configuration rather than a square 4 pin configuration of the PL lamp. The PLL fluorescent lamp comes in many different wattages and the length of the lamp changes depending on the wattage. Common wattages for fluorescent PLL lamps are 16 watt, 36 watt and 55 watt. The LED equivalents for the above lamps are available in 8 watt, 16 watt and 25 watt versions therefore the savings are approximately 50%.


LED lamps unlike fluorescent lamps require mains power applied directly to the lamp holder inside the fittings. Therefore if retro fitting an LED PLL lamp into an existing light fitting, the control equipment inside the fitting of the fluorescent lamp will need to be bypassed. Typically mains power comes into the fitting via a 3 core cable which is terminated into a fused connection block. The cabling is then wired from the fused connection block to the lamp holders and the control equipment.


The simplest way to get a fitting LED ready is to wire from the connection block to the lamp holder and bypass the control equipment completely. The re-wiring of the fitting is quite straight forward but must always be completed by a qualified electrician. This approach can offer a 50% reduction in energy costs with rapid payback periods. Where possible only branded components are used like Samsung, Philips, CREE, and Toshiba.