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Office LED Lighting

At Root3 Lighting, we always anticipate satisfying ever-changing needs of our commercial clients who require LED office lighting solutions for new and existing office buildings. We provide a diverse range of commercial LED lighting solutions in multiple colour temperatures to suit a variety of office settings and ambience.

From IOT-powered (Internet of Things) LED lights to DALI dimming controls, we deliver on your vision to have the ultimate in office lighting, no matter how large or small the project.

Why Go for LED Office Lighting?

Flexibility, efficiency and uncompromising quality are the hallmarks of Root3 Office LED lighting solutions. LED lighting can not only help you save significant energy costs but also provide glare-free illumination which supports a fatigue-free and more productive office environment.

As activities and operations around your workplace change, LED lighting conditions can rapidly change to accommodate any occasion – for instance, a unique setting for an announcement or one which specifically sets the tone for a presentation. You might even have the lights modified for more productive workstation-based work or one that caters to reading, checking and scrutinising documents.

Appearances are just as important – they not only instil positive vibes in your walk-in customers but also provide for a very pleasant and modern setting, which in turn promotes a more positive working atmosphere.

Recent studies have documented the fact that offices properly lit by LED lights can promote staff wellbeing as well as performance. Office environments today continue to shift from a traditional working one to a more customer-facing one. Dimly or otherwise poorly lit offices that are not aesthetically appealing is no longer an option; well-lit offices using the latest technology to promote your products/services is the way to move forward.

More and more companies in the UK today continue to swap our their outdated fluorescent lights with LED counterparts, and with good reason: typical energy savings to be had can be as high as 80% while maintenance overheads can be cut down to more than 90%. And, by incorporating the right lighting and dimming controls, you can save even more.

Our office-approved LED lighting solutions include a wide range of luminaries which are suitable for a variety of office setups, including traditional and more high-end setups. All our office LED lights are 100% flicker and glare-free, and light up the environment instantly.

LED Office Lighting Benefits You Just Can’t Ignore

While we could go on and on about the major cost savings and environmental benefits LED lights boast, there are many other benefits you can enjoy such as (some which we have deliberately reiterated):

Many reports have concluded that office employees complain of glare from lights and eyestrain, leading to headaches and undue stress. This can be dramatically reduced by LED lights.

Studies have confirmed that employees can perform better under certain lighting conditions. This can be encouraged through ‘smart’ LED lighting and controlling Lux levels.

Smart LED office lights are currently the closest alternative to natural sunlight, thereby increasing mood, vitality, energy levels and the motivation to work.

When it comes to setting standards, maximising energy efficiency, increasing wellbeing levels of your workers and reducing over operating overheads, there really is no better office LED lighting solution than Root3’s.