LED Warehouse Lighting UK Wide Offers Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

LED warehouse lighting wide is one of Root3 Lighting Ltd’s specialisms. We are committed to offering the best products to our customers. We believe all our products, whether they’re targeted towards offering leisure, commercial, or industrial LED lighting solutions, must offer high quality components, outstanding lighting performance and realistic pricing. By achieving the 3 main product goals, we can offer an energy efficient lighting system for our clients that will offer an amazing energy saving opportunity coupled with a rapid full return on investment.


LED Lighting Solutions For Warehouses Must Be Fit For Purpose

Warehouse light fittings are typically installed at high levels, which makes changing lamps and fittings difficult when they fail. LED light fittings are perfect for warehouse applications due to them requiring minimal maintenance. A truly fit & forgot service.

Warehouses have some of the biggest energy saving opportunities around due to the high electricity costs associated with running a premises. Traditional warehouse lighting is very costly due to 2 main factors:

  • The height at which the fittings are fixed
  • The high quantity of fittings required to illuminate a large space adequately

Root3 Lighting Ltd have been focused on this issue for some time now and have produced an impressive range of LED light fittings specifically for warehouse applications. Having worked with clients on projects over several years, we have developed some great products to offer to our clients that can produce the highest possible energy savings for the least capital investment required.

Instant upgrade improvements

Our high quality LED products have been developed to produce a wide spread of light in order to flood open spaces with clean white light instead of the traditional yellow glow of inefficient traditional high bay lighting. Having installed LED highbay and low bay fittings in many properties throughout the UK, we can honestly say that all of our clients are very impressed with the instant improvement our LED fittings offer in terms of improved colour of light and energy savings.

All our supplied products for LED warehouse lighting UK wide are available in various wattages to accommodate any ceiling height from 3m & 4m low bay heights up to 20m+ for high bay applications and all with a variety of beam angles and colours.

Aisle & racking LED lighting

When trying to illuminate a warehouse with new LED lighting products, a common error some installers make is just installing a standard LED light fitting in place of the old metal halide or Son highbay/low bay fitting. With the vast choice of products available, it is possible to have fittings with added features.

One such feature is the ability to select the beam angle that the product is fitted with. This feature is never more beneficial than in warehouse lighting. A narrow aisle that has high level racking installed will have light fittings mounted at 4m + therefore fitting a standard fitting will effectively illuminate the top parts of the racks at high level and not the ground level where people and forklift trucks occupy.

We deal directly with the factory and have the ability to specify the beam angle at order stage so that if required, we can reduce the beam angle down to as low as 40 degrees for the narrowest applications.


Our recommended LED warehouse fitting

Currently our most popular LED light fitting designed for warehouse lighting applications is the T13B that comes in 100w, 150w and 200w options.

This linear style fitting is perfect for warehouse LED lighting applications as it physically suits being installed in an isle type installation and has high quality branded components to ensure product longevity.

The key feature of this product is its efficiency, producing a massive 145 lumens per watt therefore the 200w option in cool white generates 29,000 lumens of light. This means that an area can be better lit for much less wattage and consequently uses less energy. The T13B can if required come with an integrated sensor and/or be fully dimmable.

When visiting a client’s warehouse to investigate a potential LED lighting upgrade, it is necessary to consider the below factors:

  • Energy – What will offer the best energy savings
  • Height – Higher fittings require higher wattage LED replacements
  • Location – Fittings need relocating as they are installed above racks and not above aisles
  • Light Level – Often lighting needs to be greatly improved not just replaced
  • Emergency – Is there adequate emergency lighting
  • Sensors – Would the property benefit from sensors to switch the lighting on/off
  • Environment – Forklifts, damp/dry, glare issues, ongoing maintenance factors
  • Installation – Cable routing, access requirements

At Root3 Lighting Ltd, we are devoted to providing energy reduction solutions to the commercial and industrial sectors in the UK. Having developed expertise in the area of LED lighting, we understand that energy consumption in expansive interiors such as warehouses, can lead to substantial expenditure. To help our customers reduce their energy costs, we provide services for the installation of LED lighting in warehouses.

Energy usage has turned out to be a major factor that contributes towards increased operational costs. It is for this reason that we recommend LED lighting for warehouses that are essentially built to cover a large expanse of land, in order to provide sufficient storage capacity. High bay LED lights are specifically designed to light areas with high ceilings. Since warehouses are constructed to have lofty ceilings, these require powerful light sources to ensure sufficient brightness. High bay LED lights are suitable to be used for this purpose as they emit superior lumen output while being energy efficient.

However, despite the numerous advantages that LED lighting has, some businesses still show reluctance in shifting from conventional lighting to LED lighting. By some, it is still considered as an expensive alternative. However, with technological advancements, LED lights are no longer as expensive as they used to be. To top it all, several benefits that LED lighting offers may well be enough to outweigh any concerns and misconceptions.

Delivering The Best In LED Warehouse Lighting Every Time, Root3 Lighting Ltd Has The Answers

LED lights are more efficient than conventional light fixtures. They can provide sufficient lighting to large spaces whilst meeting the requirements of energy conservation and cost reduction. At Root3 Lighting Ltd, we know all the complexities involved in lighting spacious interiors like warehouses. Striving to deliver the best at all times, as a part of our service for the installation of LED lighting in warehouses, we also provide relevant consultation and advice. You can trust our experts to provide useful advice and solutions, tailored to suit your needs and specifications. Simply call us on 01493 669574 or contact us online through the contact form on our website at https://www.rt3group.co.uk for the best solutions in LED warehouse lighting UK wide.

Why upgrade your warehouse Lighting?


Instant improvment of light levels


Overall Colour improvement within the area


Massive energy savings – up to 90%


More control – Daylight or presence detection


Guaranteed products – 5 years +


Improved staff productivity

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