Our premium LED Sky Panel is a unique product designed to create the illusion of bringing the outdoors in. It boasts a crystal-clear image on an ultra-thin LED panel. By simulating daylight and using high resolution images, it creates the illusion of being under a blue sky. The colour hue of the panel matches that of real daylight. This fitting offers excellent lumen output, brilliant coverage and the ability to be mounted or suspended from a ceiling.

Bringing nature into an internal space has many proven wellbeing benefits for staff members, patients & the public.

We can offer bespoke high definition imagery in many forms from trees, plants, fields, towns, & cities, the only limitation is your imagination.

We can design systems from just 4 panels up to huge multi panel systems for ceilings and wall.

We can supply our systems for you and if required we can also install them offering a full turnkey solution.

The premium LED sky Panel is also available in various other designs.

Fantastic for hospitals, care homes, offices, education, retail & many more.

Main Benefits:

  • Ideal for corporate, medical and many other spaces
  • Easy Installation
  • Suspension or Surface Mount
  • Bespoke size or image option available
  • Dimmable driver available
  • Unique 5 year warranty