Since most of the operational budget of businesses is allocated to fulfil energy requirements, recent price hikes leaves them prone to suffer from the resultant impact. Moreover, adhering to government policy, businesses in the industrial and commercial sectors are also expected to achieve energy efficiency, leading to a reduction in carbon gas emissions. We offer valuable assistance to counter these problems and deliver advice on all relevant matters. You can trust us with your energy conservation requirements as we have an impressive track record of delivering the best to all our customers.

Adopting a focused approach towards energy conservation, we have tailored our LED lighting solutions to meet the diverse requirements of the industrial, commercial and education sectors. Whether you want LED lights installed at your office, warehouse or retail store, our team at Root3 is capable and qualified to satisfy various customer expectations. At Root3, we have a team of qualified experts who hold authority over the subject of LED lighting and hence, are deemed dependable to provide valuable advice in this regard. We can provide effective solutions that will ensure energy efficiency through the employment of modern tools and strategies.

We source out top quality LED lights from some of the leading manufacturers in the UK. Our LED lights meet the highest standards of quality and are as flexible in terms design as they are in case of functionality. These can be easily installed at various locations and interiors and support the reduction of UV emissions. Furthermore, our LED lights are durable and energy efficient, resulting in the ultimate reduction of your energy bills. These are also eco-friendly and can also run on low voltage power supply.

We provide LED lighting solutions to the education, industrial and commercial sectors, in order to make them eligible to benefit from the incentives offered by the government. The UK Government has introduced various schemes to ensure and encourage energy efficiency, which also offer various incentives to businesses. We help businesses to comply with their stated terms, as suggested by the government.

If you want to acquire LED lighting assistance for your warehouse, office or retail store, please get in touch with our team. We will provide you with the required support and advice in all matters concerning LED lighting.

Our LED lighting solutions are focused on delivering value that is worth your money. We try our best to customise our services in accordance with your needs and hence, only install the best quality LED lights at your premises. Sourcing out LED lights from leading manufacturers, we make sure that the lights we deliver offer quality, longevity and durability.