LED Light Fittings UK Wide Save Clients Money – A Lighting Audit Will Show You How

LED light fittings UK wide are much publicised for saving money on energy bills in commercial properties. You may have read about that in the media or have discussed it with retailers when buying new lighting systems or accessories. But lots of innovations are touted as big money savers, and many turn out to be disappointing, so it’s hard to know what to believe. The best – indeed, the only – way to see what benefits new LED office ceiling lights could have for your company in terms of economising on electricity bills is to have a site audit carried out by a specialist lighting firm.

How A Good LED Lighting Audit Works

LED Light Fittings UK

Providing estimates or, at worst, best guesses on how much LED light fittings UK wide saves the typical customer won’t really help you make a business case for the initial investment. Nor will it persuade you to suffer the potential disruption all that installation work might cause. There’s no substitute for a bespoke audit of your own business premises by a suitably experienced specialist. You should expect them to visit your site and take stock of every detail of your current lighting systems. They should ask about hours, days, weeks and months the lights are in use to calculate as accurate a figure as possible.

How Root3 Lighting Ltd Can Demonstrate The Savings New LED Light Fittings Could Bring

Then, like our team at Root3 Lighting Ltd, they should calculate your current outgoings on lighting based on your energy tariff and the consumption of every lighting unit on your premises. Finally, the big reveal: they’ll make recommendations on the best LED light fittings UK wide in terms of performance, durability, and energy efficiency. Only with all this information can you truly know how much money your business could save annually with new LED lighting. Don’t trust empty promises – get the full picture before you part with your money. Why not book a bespoke lighting audit today through our website at https://www.rt3group.co.uk or by calling 01493 669574?