Root3 Lighting supplies LED flood lights, perfect for commercial and industrial building exteriors, sports facilities and car parks. This style of fitting is robust and provides a high level of light output without consuming a vast amount of energy, in contrast to traditional fittings. This is important due to the long periods of time that these light fittings tend to be on.

Car Parks

Car parks use LED flood lights because they are perfect for covering a wide area with fewer fittings. They help provide a safe environment for users of the area at times when natural daylight is fading. For premises that have parking and pedestrianised areas that are not well lit, installing floods can provide sufficient light for security cameras to pick up any activity and to help prevent accidents. This ensures employees and consumers feel safe on their commute to and from the premises. The fittings are IP65 rated and have a high quality finish to minimise the risk of corrosion, further adding to their suitability for outside use.

Sports Facilities

Sports premises with indoor and outdoor facilities use LED flood lights to enable events to be held at any time of the day due to the ability to set and control the light quality. This is especially important during the Winter months when light levels decrease during the afternoon. This enables all types of sports to be played and provides enough light for spectators to watch. LED flood lights are also suitable for swimming pools, parks, and golf courses.


LED flood lights are an ideal lighting solution for industrial units such as warehouses because they can be wall mounted or fitted onto high ceilings. They provide widespread natural looking light without much heat emittance. This makes for a more comfortable work environment for employees.