What kind of products do you specialise in?

Low energy LED Lighting, Emergency Lighting and Lighting Controls.


Do you install in building when people are there?

Yes, we often have to work customers properties that are fully occupied by their staff. Generally speaking if it is an office it is normally best to carry out an LED upgrade at night as installing lighting above desks is a little hard to do when the staff member is still trying to work! In Different applications such as factories or warehouses we would normally install the products during the day.


Is there any way we can tell what level of light we will have at the end of the project?

Prior to instalment we can provide a full relux design using our lighting calculation and design tool which shows actual lux levels and designs of lights installed.


What is the lifespan of a typical LED light?

All products vary depending on the manufacturer and the warranty of the product. A good example would be an LED GU10 with three years warranty which would give approximately 20,000 switch on/offs.


How many months/years running time will an LED light provide if on full time?

This will vary by product and the manufacturer for example an LED GU10 will last approximately 40,000 hours.


What is the best fitting for a high roofed warehouse environment?

A good product would be an LED High bay suited to replicate the current fitting, for example a traditional 400watt metal Haylide High bay would be replaced by our 150watt LED UFO High bay.


Have you got any IP65 rated High bays?

The UFO style High Bay is IP65 rated.


Is LED dimmable?

Yes LED chips are dimmable but they are reliant on the driver being dimmable.


Which areas of the UK do you cover?

Root3 services the whole of the UK so we are able to send our qualified LED installation teams to any part of the UK.


How long will a lighting survey take?

This is dependent on the size of the site but we will always try to carry out an audit with as little disruption as possible, as standard we allow a couple of hours.


Would someone need to be with you whilst you are conducting the survey?

Not necessarily but depending on site health and safety requirements we are happy to be supervised if required.


Can you just supply the fittings if I have my own electricians?

Yes we can supply only.


What are the long-term benefits of upgrading to LED lighting?

  • Reduction in energy consumption of anywhere between 50% and 90%
  • Reduction in maintenance and repair issues
  • Much longer life-span than traditional lighting
  • Huge reductions in electricity bills
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions

What are Lumens?

The brightness of any light source is measured in units called lumens. We measure the lumens on a survey to see where we can improve the lighting.


What are Kelvins? 

A Kelvin is a unit of measurement used to describe the hue of a specific light source. A 4000k bulb is a cool white and much clearer in appearance, extra warm white would be 2700k which is similar to a traditional GLS light bulb.


What is CRI?

Colour Rendering Index is a scale of 0-100 of a measurement of light source with the ability to show colours realistically or naturally, this could be incandescent light or daylight.


Do all your tubes retro fit to old style fittings?

All of Root3 LED tubes can be retro fitted into existing fittings.


Can you run more LEDs per circuit against a normal circuit?

Yes this is due to the lower wattage of LED lighting.


Where are the products made?

We have reliable manufacturers in Europe and overseas.


What happens if a light fitting stops working?

All of our fittings come with a warranty of anywhere between 2–5 years. Part of our duty to you is to find the root of the problem and assess if it is the fitting that is at fault; and if so we will replace as long as the fitting is still in warranty.


What happens after the survey?

After we have carried out a lighting audit at your premises we will send you a bespoke energy saving business case which will include your current energy metrics, the post refit energy metrics (including the annual cost savings and energy savings) and our installation cost.


Do you supply and install?

Yes we can supply only if required, but we are more than happy to price and carry out full a lighting upgrade installation where required.


How soon can a surveyor attend my site and carry out a lighting audit?

We will do our best to attend your site to carry out a lighting survey at short notice and when is suitable for you.


What industries do you work in?

We are capable of covering all types of industry requirements anything from education, offices, manufacturing, industrial, car parks, retail, street lighting, warehousing, healthcare and many more.


How long would I have to wait for the completion of a job if we go ahead with Root3?

Wherever possible Root3 will look to carry out installation work to meet the customer’s requirements.


Can automatic controls be added to a lighting system?

Yes, adding either presence detection or daylight sensing can reduce your energy consumption by a further 20-30%.


If automatic controls were to be installed, would the lights automatically switch off when there is sufficient ambient light i.e. during the summer?

There are two lighting control options available. A simplified on/off system will completely switch off the lights when ambient light is reached. A dimmable system allows the lights to gradually dim up and down as light levels change.


Can you save a lot of energy with LED?

Savings can vary from between 50% and 90% on energy usage. LED lighting is extremely energy efficient with 80% of electricity used converted to light energy.


What is the average payback from an LED upgrade?

The average payback would be 24 months.