Energy Saving Surveys

Energy Surveys

We at Root3 understand that every business needs to save money, this is where we can always help. Having carried out numerous surveys it is quite straight forward for us to find ways of saving money and reducing a company’s carbon footprint in many different energy using reduction schemes and technologies



Installing highly efficient lighting like LED lighting in existing buildings can dramatically reduce your electricity charges. Retro fitting in live environment is our specialty, we know how important it is to keep disruption to a minimum and ensure its “business as usual”. By changing light fittings or indeed just the lamps into your existing fittings our energy saving benefits far outweigh the cost of the projects and customers can receive payback times of the costs from anywhere between a couple of months and 2 or 3 years (typically) and great savings can be achieved from 30% to 95% of the original lighting costs.


This starts with an energy survey, conducted by one of our highly experienced team we will look at all options that best suits the customer deliver a easy to understand breakdown of existing usage and where savings can be made. > With various schemes available for finance and funding you not even need to incur a capital expense, so simply get in touch to arrange your survey and start reducing your carbon footprint, save money and your improve your bottom line.