• Is it in your current budget?
  • Is this the best use of your company’s cash resources?
  • Who at the customer location assumes project management financial responsibilities?
  • What is the opportunity cost of utilising this capital?
    • Other projects
    • Investments

Our answer: Financing your lighting project with us helps you keep liquidity (cash) on hand.


  • Will your bank finance these projects?
  • What is the structure?
  • Will your bank allow fees and non-hardware costs to be included?
  • Is there a down payment and if so, how much capital will you need to put down?
  • What is the bank’s rate?
  • Is there any additional security required?

(i.e. accounts receivable, personal guarantees)

Our answer: Our lighting project financing is more comprehensive than a bank offering.


  • Who is the lender?
  • Have they ever done this type of financing?
  • What type of structure are they offering?
  • Are there any hidden costs, fees or penalties?
  • Is this a broker or reseller arrangement

Our answer: Our lighting project financing is convenient – no reinventing the wheel!


Have an LED Upgrade and extra cash in the bank!

 Our LED lighting projects are cash neutral when taking out our green funding schemes, therefore they are fully installed without any capital outlay to our customers irrelevant of the size of their property.

We work differently to a lot of our other competitors in the market, we can offer not only cash neutral projects but also CASH POSITIVE projects as well.

 Let us explain!

The first thing to know is that for the majority of our projects the return on investment is shorter than our product warranty periods so you will not have pay anything at all while repaying the funding.

The Benefits of an LED Upgrade.

  • Massive energy reductions from day one
  • Huge reduction on your carbon footprint
  • Substantial light level improvements
  • Sizable savings on repairs & maintenance

The Benefits of Green funding

  • Repayments will be less per month than your current lighting costs
  • Zero impact of your cash flow
  • Every product supplied will be under warranty during the funding period

Example of how it works

Your LED lighting project cost is                              £10,000

From this you can claim back 19% of the project via the HMRC’s Enhances capital allowance scheme £1,900

Root3 Lighting Ltd are an approved supplier to the Carbon Trust and therefore have the opportunity to offer customers a grant in the way of a capital contribution of up to 15% of the project cost. This is non repayable

15% of £10,000 cost                                                     £1,500


Green Funding

We can also offer a green funding option which means the capex is no longer an issue – We take the savings the LED lighting system produce and use that to pay for the cost of the upgrade.


Project financed via Green fund scheme                  £10,000

£10,000 over 36 monthly repayments                       £328.50

Monthly Energy Savings                                                £398.50

Total monthly savings after repayment                    £70.00

(No cash outlay required)

Payment from Carbon Trust                                         £1,500

Claim back from HMRC                                                  £1,900

Company will have £1,500.00 extra in the bank from the Carbon trust within 7 days.

Company will pay £1,900 less corporation tax

Company Cash Positive in its first year by                £4,240

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