Academic institutions play a very unique role in our society – they are places of belonging, learning and community cohesion. Whether it’s a kids’ nursery, primary school or a university, every learning facility can do with cost-efficient LED lighting to enhance its learning environment, while making students feel more positive and safe on campus, and strengthening the institution’s reputation.

At Root3 Lighting, we provide intelligent LED lighting solutions for education establishments which inspire focus and concentration to support your academic objectives, not just today but well into the future.

Good education LED lighting can really create the ideal environment to work in – this especially holds true when it comes to educational facilities. For the lighting quality can contribute heavily to not only the students but also staff working with liveliness, motivation and vigour versus dull, energy drained and generally fatigued.

What’s more, inconsistent lighting can have an adverse effect on your energy consumption, particularly if you manage large campuses. Root3 offers highly creative and cost-effective LED solutions to tackle all these considerations.



Teaching media, teaching approaches and entire school day activities have developed prominently in the past few decades. Is your lighting up to date to accommodate these rapidly changing variables?

The right lighting creates a positive impact which improves the staff and students’ ability to focus, while subconsciously promoting their wellbeing and safety.

For a fact, tight and rigid seating arrangements are no longer a “thing” in properly equipped academic institutions today. Beamer presentations, screen work and group work have become commonplace. As such, demands of light distribution, light colour and brightness level have also changed. The right variable LED lighting solution can work wonders.

Schools today are a lot more than just learning environments – thanks to technology and media, they have evolved into entire habitats which require careful design and planning, so that maximum concentration can be had for work, play and recreation.

We understand how critical this is at Root3 Lighting – our range of education LED lighting provides just the right lighting for classrooms, recreational rooms, hallways, sports halls, canteens, outdoor areas and much more.

Did you know that an LED lighting solution can have you save nearly 80% energy, and in some cases, more? Combined with smart sensors and lighting controls, our complete LED lighting system for academic institutions can help you save thousands of pounds in overheads each year.

As the sun moves around your school building, a presentation is going to require notably different lighting than when a class lesson is in session. Our smart LED light management system is programmed to adapt to specific situations, given the natural ambient light level in the room. This is just a minute example of how specific lighting scenes can adapt to a wide variety of on-campus needs.

The right LED light setting improves the balance between study and relaxation, and stimulates the natural course of the day.


Classrooms have a minimum lux level requirement but when planning a lighting upgrade, it is also important to consider the colour or ‘temperature’ and glare in a classroom. There is increasing research to support the notion that LED lighting of the right colour can have a significant positive effect on an individual’s learning potential.

Many sports halls and gymnasiums double up as exam halls throughout the academic year. Since exam halls require a higher lux level it is important that the lighting installed should be able to cater for multiple uses.

Studies worldwide have taken place to further explore the benefits of LED lighting. Light is a dominant factor on the brain and the sleep-wake cycle of humans. When a person’s retina receives light, it is passes messages to various parts of the brain involved in sleep and waking, to increase the production of hormones associated with wakefulness.

The level of responsiveness hugely depends on the intensity and colour of the light being received. Natural light and artificial light created by LEDs are full spectrum which triggers the reaction by the brain.

Artificial light created by any other standard form of lighting does not produce full spectrum light and further to this, many studies have found that fluorescent lighting is a key contributor to “off task behaviour” such as daydreaming. LED lighting of the right colour has been found to have a positive effect on students learning potential and engagement.

By upgrading to LED, all education providers will reduce their carbon footprint and by doing so, set an example to their students to think about the impact energy usage has on the environment.


Still pondering over whether to upgrade to a complete LED lighting system? Not only do LEDs help save energy costs but they also cut down emissions to preserve the environment. In addition:

  • LEDs require virtually no maintenance, replacement or disposal costs. The average LED light can last well over 50,000 hours of non-stop operation – what you’re looking at is a “fit’n’forget” solution.
  • Flick on the lights and you have instant, 100% illumination. There’s zero flicker which means no discomfort or fatigue even when doing screen work for hours on end.
  • Since LEDs emit the least amount of UV light, they are cool to the touch and do not pose any harmful effects on the skin. Neither do they attract any insects.

For all your education facility lighting needs, Root3 has you covered. Protect the environment, save costs and reallocate your budget to where it deserves to go – your pupil’s education.

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