Commercial LED lighting systems may be something you know you want in your office or other business premises, but you may not know much about the technical detail. You’ve probably heard the benefits: that they are energy efficient and will therefore save you money. That they’re low maintenance, and provide significantly better light levels for your staff than traditional commercial or industrial LED lighting solutions. But understandably, you won’t be an expert. So how do you go about choosing the right products for your premises? It all comes down to choosing the right supplier. Here, we offer some tips on how to do that.


You can buy almost anything over the internet these days, and commercial LED lighting systems are no exception. You can even purchase them from auction sites and wholesalers. But how do you know what you need and what’s best for the environment you want illuminated? It’s far better to find a supplier that is dedicated to the supply and installation of LED lighting, rather than a jack-of-all-trades seller. That way, you know you’ll be able to take advantage of their specialist advice and benefit from their experience of what does and doesn’t work in various settings. You won’t waste your money on LED lights for commercial buildings that turn out not to meet stringent Health and Safety requirements, for instance; or ones that fail to take into account the CIBSE recommendations on colour rendering, light levels, and uniformity. Check any supplier’s website before you buy to assure yourself that the seller you’re thinking of buying from really knows their stuff.


Trusted Suppliers Demonstrate Competence In Providing Commercial Office LED Lighting Systems

More than that, any good lighting specialist firm can point to specific examples of past projects they’ve carried out successfully. They should have an impressive range of existing and past clients too, preferably some of the same size, type, and industry as the business you’re buying for. If you need commercial office LED lighting systems and you choose a supplier that specialises in domestic solutions, then you won’t get the same level of expertise and understanding of the issues involved in your project. If that project is more than just the minor replacement of existing commercial LED light bulbs for instance, then the final tip is to select a firm that will conduct a full audit of your existing lighting systems. Not only will this ensure you’re getting exactly what’s required for your business premises, it will also generate valuable data on the costs, savings, and returns on investment of any proposed solutions. That way, you can make a well-informed decision on the way forward.

Root3 Lighting Ltd Offers All This And More When We Provide Commercial LED Lighting Systems

With a host of satisfied clients, at Root3 Lighting Ltd, we know we have what it takes to deliver the best bespoke commercial LED lighting systems to any business, large or small. On our website at, you can see evidence of an impressive array of lighting solutions we’ve supplied and installed, including some before-and-after pictures. Find out what a difference we could make to your staff’s productivity and well-being, not to mention the energy savings you could make, by talking to us today on 01493 669574. From site audit to post-installation warranties of up to five years on some products, you can be confident we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

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