New Round LED panel

Root3 Lighting are very proud to announce that we have just taken stock of our new LED round downlights!

Available in 400mm, 500mm, & 600mm diameter width’s our LED panels are unique to Root3 and are already proving very popular!

The panels are installed as a suspended installation panel via adjustable suspension cables, please call for more information.

Alicat select Root3’s LED products

Alicat Workboats based in Great Yarmouth have selected Root3 Lighting to them LED highbay’s for its boatbuilding building.

Alicat are a specialist marine engineering company and they had a requirement to replace their LED highbay’s in their industrial workshop, the biggest industrial workshop in the great Yarmouth area –

Having traditional metal halide highbay fittings installed, like many companies Alicat where suffering from poor light output from their existing fittings and as the fittings are installed at over 14 meters high maintenance and replacements is very troublesome.

The company required an LED fitting that would both illuminate their huge workshop sufficicently and be confident in the reliablilty of the fitting was good enough to install their new investment on a “fit & forgot” basis.

Root3’s “UFO” LED highbay was selected by Alicat looking at several options from various suppliers.