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Root3 win Leading Specialists in Lighting Integration Services 2020

LED lighting supplier article

Root3 Lighting Ltd are pleased to have been awarded Leading Specialist in Lighting Integration Services 2020 – UK by BUILD Magazine. We are delighted to receive our award and believe this is down to our determination and commitment to clients. We aim to provide the very best products and customer service on all projects of any scale.

BUILD magazine is a quarterly digital publication dedicated to the construction and property markets. Each quarter, BUILD magazine highlights the latest news from the world of construction & engineering, property, architecture & design. Moreover, every issue looks to showcase some of the most creative brands and dedicated firms shaping the industry today.

Click here for the article on the Root3 win in the BUILD Q2 2020 magazine.

Root3 is constantly striving to achieve a reduction in energy and improvement in a space’s aesthetics for all customers.

One such method of achieving these goals is in the area of lighting controls. Lighting Controls are popular with businesses who wish to further increase energy savings. Subsequently, we have a full range of lighting controls to offer clients depending on their requirements and needs. There are many different types of control systems we can offer including: Local control, Central control and Smart lighting control. Our controls reduce the total power drawn by the lighting system during operation and also the number of hours. Thus reducing overall energy consumption.

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