LED lighting is ideal for retail units as it shows products in their best light. Accent lighting can showcase products on shelves and accentuate their look to the customer. Dimmer lights help create mood lighting which can make a store look more high end thus enticing customers in. Strips of LEDs are perfect for lining shelves to evenly illuminate products such as jewellery. Having an LED lighting solution can greatly improve customer and employee satisfaction.

Many retail outlets have a high number of bulbs to light up large areas and individual displays. By installing energy efficient LED lighting, a retailer can expect to see a reduction in maintenance time and costs in comparison to other forms of lighting. It is reported that a single LED light can last thirty times longer than an incandescent bulb. Instantly this has a significant effect on maintenance bills. Once the LED lamps are put in place, retailers can start enjoying the benefits.

Incandescent bulbs are notorious for getting hot when switched on for a length of time and end up giving off lots of extra heat. The additional heat these bulbs produce leads to increased heat levels on shop floors. This can result in retailers having to invest in air conditioning to keep their stores at a comfortable temperature at all times.

The main benefit to upgrading to LED lighting is the huge energy savings that can be made. The possibilities are enormous in terms of how much electricity consumption can be reduced in the retail lighting industry from small convenience stores to large supermarkets.

Some of the more common types of LED lighting solution installed in the retail environment:

LED track lighting – Massive energy users normally Halogen lighting

LED tubes replace fluorescent tubes­

LED Downlights – Replace fluorescent PL G24 type fitting

LED PAR Lights – Very inefficient lamps that can be replaced with LED Par lamps

LED high bays – All traditional high level lighting can be replaced with LED High bays

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