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About us – Root3 Lighting Ltd

Root3 is a renowned name in the energy sector. It is one of the leading suppliers and lighting installers in the UK, providing LED lighting solutions to industrial, commercial and education sectors. Our team, at Root3, specialises in supplying LED lighting technology to offices, warehouses and retail stores, across the UK. Catering to businesses country-wide, Root3 is focused on meeting energy reduction demands of numerous businesses to help them cut down their overall operational costs and adhere to the UK’s energy saving commitments.

In the aftermath of increased energy prices most of the businesses in the UK are likely to suffer from the effect of amplified operational costs, as energy accounts for a major chunk of their operational budgets. Additionally, these commercial and industrial bodies are also responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, they do not only need to invest in energy conservation but are also required to implement measures for reducing greenhouse emissions through energy efficiency.

Our team at Root3, in order to combat this problem, works with them as their partners and offers reliable advice as well as LED lighting solutions.

Catering to the LED lighting needs of warehouses, offices and retail stores across the UK, we commit ourselves to sourcing out and delivering premium quality LED lighting products that fit the requirements and specifications of our customers. Hence, we have adopted an all-inclusive approach for satisfying energy conservation and LED lighting demands of the industrial, commercial and education sectors. We listen to the requirements of each of our customers, provide relevant consultation and deliver solutions that best fit their business needs.

At Root3, we do not only supply LED lighting technology, but we make sure that the products we deliver and install meet the above stated criteria. Hence, we are engaged to ensure the betterment of our customers by providing them with long-term solutions.

Coherence to Government’s Energy Conservation Schemes
Importantly, we do not believe in operating as an isolated body. Instead, we look at the bigger picture. We have a broad perspective and aim to create a vast network to support the implementation of measures for energy efficiency across the UK. Hence, our LED lighting solutions are designed in line with various state policies and schemes, including:

• CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme
Enhanced Capital Allowance
Climate Change Agreements
Energy performance Certificates
Salix Finance

Resultantly, our customers are able to benefit from the incentives offered by the government, as a consequence of taking prescribed energy efficiency and conservation measures.

Do you too want LED lighting solutions for your office, warehouse or retail store? Are you too interested in getting LED lights installed at your industrial or commercial premise? If yes, get in touch with our team now!

About us continued…

Root3 has earned itself a reputable position in the energy market, providing top of the line LED lighting solutions throughout the UK. Our team at Root3 focuses on delivering reliable energy conservation and reduction advice and solutions to a broad spectrum of clients. From warehouses to offices and schools, we supply LED lighting services across the UK’s commercial and industrial sectors.

Having a broad perspective, we do not deliver energy solutions but create opportunities for businesses to cut down on their operational costs, become more energy efficient and eventually reduce carbon gas emissions. We look at the bigger picture and work to benefit our customers as well as the entire society. Whether you want to get LED lights installed at your commercial, educational or industrial premise or want LED lighting advice for your office, warehouse or retail store, our experts are committed to ensuring your benefit at all times.


What Do We Offer?

• Quality – Our customer base is diverse and broad. We provide assistance for LED lighting to warehouses, offices and retail stores across the UK. Our LED lighting solutions are able to meet the varying requirements of the UK’s industrial, education and commercial sectors. Hence, we take great care when it comes to quality assurance. All our products are sourced out from the leading manufacturers and are of premium quality.
We value all our customers and concern ourselves with understanding the nature of their problems to deliver best advice and solutions for ensuring energy efficiency at their workplace.
• LED Lighting- A Long-Term Solution
We specialise in the area of LED lighting and our services are devised to meet highest standards of quality provision. Hence, our LED lighting products and solutions promise to deliver:

Reduction in energy costs
Energy efficiency
Design flexibility- easier to accommodate in varying interiors and spaces
Compatibility to run on low voltage power supply


Commitment to Our Customers

We understand that one size does not fit all. Hence, despite catering to a diverse spectrum of customers, we deliver solutions to suit the specific needs and requirements of each of them. Our LED lighting solutions are able to meet the requirements of educational, industrial and commercial bodies such as offices, warehouses and retail stores. But we do not only concern ourselves with quantity and give as much importance to quality. Rest assured, all our product are sourced out from leading and reliable manufacturers and are durable.
We work to benefit your business and offer reliable advice in all relevant matters.


Lasting and Reliable LED Lighting Solutions

Having specialised in the area of LED lighting, we are able to deliver energy reduction solutions that are longer lasting. They meet the highest standards of quality provision and can be relied on to deliver excellence, as promised by our team.
Our LED lighting products are easy to use and follow all the prescribed parameters of energy efficiency and environment conservation. They offer longevity and durability while ensuring energy cost reduction as well as flexibility in terms of functionality and design.
Hence, our LED lights can prove to be a perfect fit for any commercial, industrial or business premise.
Focusing on Government’s Policies and Incentives
The UK Government has to its credit the initiation of various policies and schemes for energy conservation. These schemes offer various incentives to businesses. Our services and products are delivered in line with the stated policies and schemes, so as to enable your business to benefit from the consequent incentives and benefits.



We offer comprehensive energy reduction solutions to the UK’s industrial, education and commercial sectors, providing them with top of the line LED lighting services. Delivering to a wide spectrum of customers, we render assistance regarding LED lighting to warehouses, offices, retail stores and other business units. Having acquired a respected position in the industry, we are presently considered to be one of the leaders in the UK’s energy market.
Our solutions are focused on cost reduction and meeting the standards set by the government to improve energy efficiency and conservation in the commercial and industrial sectors.

It is likely that the UK’s business sector is to suffer the most as a consequence of the recent rise in energy prices. In case of most businesses, a major portion of their operational costs is dedicated towards the fulfilment of their energy requirements. This leaves them prone to suffer from the effects of increased energy costs. To add to it, these industrial and commercial entities are also required to exercise measures for the reduction of carbon gas emissions.

Understanding the gravity of resultant crisis for businesses, our team at Root3 has dedicated itself to providing reliable LED lighting solutions and advice that focus on increasing energy efficiency and conservation and subsequently cost reduction while ensuring commitment to the UK’s energy saving initiatives.

We serve to meet the LED lighting requirements of the UK’s education, commercial and industrial sectors, including warehouses, retail stores and offices. The diversity of our customer base requires us to deliver tailored solutions to meet the expectations of all our customers. Hence, in order to make sure that we meet the highest standards of quality provision at all times, our experts at Root3 source out and deliver LED lighting products that satisfy the parameters of premium quality. Apart from rendering assistance for LED lights installation, maintenance and operation, we also offer reliable advice, taking an all-inclusive approach towards providing support for energy conservation and efficiency.


Why Invest in LED Lights by Root3?

Our LED lighting solutions are focused on delivering value that is worth your money. We try our best to customise our services in accordance with your needs and hence, only install the best quality LED lights at your premise. Sourcing out LED lights from leading manufacturers, we make sure that the lights we deliver offer quality, longevity and durability. In addition, these are also energy efficient- contributing towards cost saving- and eco-friendly. Designed to also run on low voltage power supply, our LED lights are flexible in terms of design and functionality. To top it all, these also work to reduce the amount of UV emissions.



Root3 holds speciality in delivering energy reduction solutions to businesses in the UK. Our team takes an innovative and feasible approach towards energy conservation and tends to the LED lighting needs of the industrial, education and commercial sectors, including warehouses, offices and retail stores. Serving a broad spectrum of customers for an extensive time period, we have developed expertise in delivering reliable LED lighting solutions and advice to meet diverse needs. Our solutions are devised to deliver value and ensure cost reduction as well as to follow the UK Government’s code for energy conservation and efficiency. Our efforts to support energy conservation on a large scale has led to us being recognised as one of the leading participants in the UK’s energy sector.

Since most of the operational budget of businesses is allocated to fulfil energy requirements, recent price hike leaves them prone to suffer from the resultant impact. Moreover, adhering to the government’s policy, businesses in the industrial and commercial sectors are also expected to achieve energy efficiency, leading to a reduction in carbon gas emissions. We offer valuable assistance to counter these problems and deliver advice on all relevant matters. You can trust us with your energy conservation requirements as we have an impressive track record of delivering the best to all our customers.

Adopting a focused approach towards energy conservation, we have tailored our LED lighting solutions to meet the diverse requirements of the industrial, commercial and education sectors. Whether you want to get LED lights installed at your office, warehouse or retail store, our team at Root3 is capable and qualified to satisfy varied customer expectations. We have a team of qualified experts who hold authority over the subject of LED lighting and hence, are deemed dependable to provide valuable advice in this regard. You can trust to us to provide effective solutions that would ensure energy efficiency through the employment of modern tools and strategies.

We source out top quality LED lights from some of the leading manufacturers in the UK. Our LED lights meet the highest standards of quality and are as flexible in terms design as they are in case of functionality. These can be easily installed at various locations and interiors and support the reduction of UV emissions. Furthermore, our LED lights are durable and energy efficient, resulting in the ultimate reduction of your energy bills. These are also eco-friendly and can also run on low voltage power supply.

We provide LED lighting solutions to the education, industrial and commercial sectors, in order to make them eligible to benefit from the incentives offered by the government. The UK Government has introduced various schemes to ensure and encourage energy efficiency, which also offer various incentives to businesses. We help businesses to comply with their stated terms, as suggested by the government.
If you want to acquire LED lighting assistance for your warehouse, office or retail store, get in touch with our team. We assure you that we will provide you with the required support and advice in all matters concerning LED lighting.


Why Invest In LED Lighting?

As we specialise in the area of LED lighting, we are often asked about the benefits that a business may incur after investing in LED lights. Since LED lighting may still be a new concept for many, our team tends to all the queries of our customers, providing them with an in-depth explanation of the benefits of LED lighting. Primarily, LED lights are a modern solution, which have proven to be a reliable means to ensure energy conservation. These are designed to enhance power-saving and are longer-lasting. Hence, LED lights are essentially a one-time investment. Additionally, LED lights are also eco-friendly, work to minimise UV emissions, offer operational and design flexibility and are also able to run on low voltage. To sum up, benefits of LED lighting, particularly for businesses, are numerous and many!

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