LED Panel
LED panels are a great replacement for standard 3 or 4 tube fluorescent fittings. The most common size of LED panels is the 600mm X 600mm light fitting.
A traditional 600mm x 600mm 4 tube fluorescent fitting, normally fitted with cat2 reflectors consumes 18 watts per tube therefore a standard fitting consumes 72 watts. A fluorescent fitting requires control equipment to allow the tubes to operate. The control equipment also consumes energy which differs from manufacturer to manufacturer and also depending on age and efficiency of the components but on average a conservative figure would be to say that the control equipment consumes 15% of the energy of the fluorescent tubes. Therefore the total energy consumption of 4 tube fluorescent fitting is around 82 watts.
Root3’s LED panels is a direct, easy to fit replacement for the fluorescent fitting. The LED panels sit in the same ceiling grid as there fluorescent counterparts but only consume 30 watts in total, that’s a total of 63% in energy and cost reduction.
The 52 watts less energy consumption on the LED panel multiplied by the hours per day, days per weeks and weeks per year and also multiplied by the number of fittings already installed within a property adds up to a substantial saving. The savings made are so significant that they will be pay for the purchasing of the LED panels and their installation.
The LED panels are available in different colours colours to suite the customer’s requirements but the most popular being 4000k (Natural white) and 5000k options.
The LED panels from Root3 are available as dimmable LED panels and also with emergency 3 hour back up as optional extras.
Root3 Lighting offer high quality, branded LED panels fitted with Samsung LED chips and Philips Drivers to ensure a true fit and forget product fully warranted. Root3 Lighting Ltd are based in Great Yarmouth, Norwich, Norfolk with satalite offices in London and Warwick.
LED Panel